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Gonzalo Galindo

CEO at CEMEX Ventures
PropTech ConTech

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Gonzalo Galindo has been in charge for the Innovation process and President of Cemex Ventures, the Open Innovation and Venture Capital fund of Cemex since its inception three years ago. He has 20+ years of experience in Cemex in diverse areas like Business Development where he was responsible of acquiring and integrating assets in the Philippines, Taiwan, Egypt and the assets across all Europe. He also managed Cemex operations in the UK and USA East.
Before Cemex, he spent a couple of years as Head of Planning at Frito Lay Mexico and spent 6 years as a consultant at Mckinsey and Co In Mexico, the US, Brazil and Australia.

Gonzalo Galindos vergangene Veranstaltungen

Digital Construction Week: Building Technologies
Fr., 04. Dezember 2020
08:00 – 10:00
Digital Construction Week: Building Materials & Systems
Do., 03. Dezember 2020
08:00 – 10:00
BUILTWORLD Innovation Contest APAC 2020 - Finals
Mi., 23. September 2020
10:00 – 11:00