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Berlin, Germany
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Branche ESG Reporting
Gründungsjahr 2019
Mitarbeiter 103
Hauptsitz Berlin, Germany

We are BuildingMinds, a real estate technology company headquartered in Berlin. Our mission is to empower our customers to build a resilient, sustainable and data-driven future for their portfolios and businesses with our real estate data platform. The BuildingMinds-Platform gives real estate owners and managers the means to offer multiple use cases like Sustainability Management, Building Operations and Space Optimization or Well-being Management. In 2019, Schindler and BuildingMinds announced the formation of BuildingMinds, a start-up and stand-alone company. Schindler acts as sole shareholder and has allocated funding to give BM the time and space to truly innovate. At BuildingMinds, we believe that without a concrete understanding of the physical building, there’s no understanding of the digital. That’s why our 103-strong team comprises of technology, domain and digital transformation experts with the mission of sustainability and revolutionizing the role of data for the real estate industry. We are building a SaaS-solution consisting of a unique combination of an integrated cloud platform, a Digital Building Twin and data-driven insights. By lifting previously unknown data treasures, we support real estate investment companies and corporates to effectively combine sustainability strategies, people satisfaction goals and profitability KPIs to future-proof their real estate businesses in a sustainable way. Leveraging Microsoft’s services allows BuildingMinds to deliver the promise of a first-class cloud platform to customers and empowers them to drive the sustainability and profitability of their real estate portfolios. At BuildingMinds, we thrive on the strength of diversity. Our colleagues come from different professional backgrounds and from all over the world (34 countries). Being catalysts and enablers of an agile transformation, we empower cross-functional teams, self-organization and a learning culture.

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