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All organisations are looking for smarter ways to work, and that means making optimal use of the most important information source: data.

For housing associations, information about the current condition of their properties is valuable data, but it is costly to acquire.

After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to physically visit and manually inspect a large portfolio of houses and apartments. And even when all the data has been gathered, analysing it is a complex process.

We simplify the maintenance process by providing immediate digital access to information about the condition of buildings, and integrate that data with existing IT systems.

We use the very latest technology to help us. Our drones are fitted with various sensors that capture a large amount of data to fully map building exteriors.

We use a mix of several data-gathering techniques, but privacy and safety are our top priorities at all times and we anonymise all personal data. Our solution enables housing associations to inspect a lot of properties in a short space of time, with minimum disruption for residents.

We combine all the data to generate a computer model of each property – a ‘digital twin’ based on photographs and 3D measurements in combination with precise positioning data. Our artificial intelligence analyses all the resulting data, including a digital inspection of the physical condition of the building.

To assess the current state of a property, we look for flaws or for damage to the facades, the paintwork or the roof, for example. We visualise this highly detailed information in a digital environment where professionals can work together to gain insights and share action plans.

An inspector can assess the need for immediate repairs or draw up a maintenance plan.

A property manager can monitor maintenance processes and access information about the entire portfolio for a tighter grip on costs.

Contractors receive complete information as the basis for accurate calculations and targeted maintenance work.

This digital flow of information provides a more up-to-date basis for decision-making, improving the quality and long-term value of real-estate assets and ensuring a healthy, safe and pleasant place to live for residents.

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