Everything. Smart.
  Frankfurt am Main,  Germany

2016 | Startup Stage


THING TECHNOLOGIES is a Frankfurt, Germany and Brooklyn, NY, USA based software company. The main product Thing-It is a digitalization platform that is most commonly used as the brain in smart commercial buildings and for multi-site corporate workplace experience.

THING TECHNOLOGIES is focused on creating tangible value for our clients, making the world a better place, and having fun while we do so.

The founders of THING TECHNOLOGIES are serial entrepreneurs and experienced software veterans who built and distributed business process management focused software solutions that are being used by thousands of the world's biggest financial services institutions around the globe. The experience in developing and operating large scale enterprise software, integrating users and systems in banking, and doing so in a secure fashion are the foundation of Thing-It's unique enterprise technology stack.

THING TECHNOLOGIES sells vertical industry solutions, such as smart office, smart FM, and smart city quarter, based on horizontally applicable technology that can solve a variety of current and future business problems.