Scaffeye GbR
Scaffeye. Scaffolding. Safe.Smart.Simple
  54340 Longuich,  Germany

2017 | Growth Stage


Eagle eyes for your scaffold and your security.
A scaffolding is a key technical platform and structure enabling all kind of works on a construction site. The scaffolding constructor is required not only to provide the necessary technical response to the challenges of a construction project, but also to comply with several legal requirements for safety, audit trail and inspection. Scaffolds are an essential technical part of almost every construction site. After erecting a scaffolding, several companies use and access it every day delivering their part of the construction or renovation works. At all times, the scaffolding constructor must guarantee a safe and accessible scaffolding and also respond to all technical and safety requirements coming from the construction companies working on the construction site and using the scaffolding. The Scaffolding company is also responsible for providing a well-documented audit trail of the legally required technical and saftet inspections. All these requirements expose the scaffolding constructor Ito variety of unforeseen financial risk if the scaffolding is poorly built or controlled. Managing a scaffolding effectively is therefore time consuming, complex and costly. Scaffeye had been developed by experienced scaffolding specialists and Industry experts. The program enables a central and digital collection, storage, exchange an management of all scaffold relevant data accessible to any user at all times. Scaffeye also ensures that legally binding inspection can be smoothly performed as it provides the necessary documentation in the required format which can be even accessed through a simple smarthphone application and by using a QR Code. Scaffeye established a standard which is also be incorporated by the German Standardisation Institute (DIN Berlin) as a country wide standard. Scaffeye is available for desktop and mobile devices. It offers various feature tailored to the needs and requirements of all users. Legally required checks, complete audit trails and inspection documents, reduces his of accidents, high efficiency, optimised project planning, working diary, building designer with Synch Tool. The information about the status of the scaffolding (green = release / red = disabled, closed) transferred just in time to all users and to the scaffolder. More safety and security for the Scaffolder and scaffold users. But also for the architects, client, builder owner. Scaffeye complies to national TRBS2121-1!


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