Jerusalem ,  Israel

2014 | Growth Stage



Safeguard is the leading safety-management platform for the construction sector. It is deployed in 11 countries in three continents and is being used by hundreds of construction and infrastructure projects.
At Safeguard, we are committed to saving the lives of construction workers around the world by delivering real-time insights that can prevent the next safety incident.
The construction industry is undergoing intensive technological disruption, yet construction enterprises still suffer from a significant lack of control over construction operations, that directly impact the ability to provide a safe work environment.
Safeguard’s technology is the only one in the world that combines the 5M factors. Our safety platform is focused on obtaining all safety-relevant data from users, sensors and artificial intelligence-based devices. Moreover, the solution’s AI technology analyzes data in real time, quantifying safety indicators and delivering control to decision makers at all levels, regardless of project complexity or country regulations.
Safeguard’s field-proven track record of innovation and the enormous amount of safety data our solutions collect, positions us to lead the design and development of predictive and preventive measures that will reduce the number of casualties and injuries in work sites.
Safeguard’s technology ensures that Safety First is not just the first step, but every step on the way.