nevisQ GmbH
Smart baseboards - A unique sensor strip to detect and analyze activities in rooms while respecting the privacy.

Nursing homes are under huge pressure: Lack of nurses, cost pressure and rising numbers of residents with dementia are just a few to name here. We support nursing homes in providing a high quality of care by making life safer for residents and work easier for nurses. How do we do it? With the help of smart baseboards! Our unique sensor strip is placed a few centimeters over the ground at the level of baseboards and analyzes activities in the room. It then notifies nurses about critical situations like falls, getting up from the bed or leaving the room. Long-term activity analysis helps nurses to provide a more targeted care for every individual resident. All this is done fully automatically and non-obstrusively, which means: No cameras, no microphones, no emergency buttons and no wearables at all.

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