NavVis GmbH
We digitize buildings.

NavVis is a leading provider of high-end digital building technology for large commercial
and industrial properties. Our cutting edge indoor mapping, visualization and navigation
technology is being applied in every industry that uses, manages or builds indoor space.
Digital building technology is benefitting everything from construction monitoring,
facility management, and plant planning, to transportation hubs and multi-channel
Our products consist of: The M3 Indoor Mapping Trolley, a highly-accurate mobile
scanning device that enables fully comprehensive digital data capture; the browserbased
IndoorViewer software brings this data to life by enabling users to access and
interact with 3D building models and maps from any device; and our pioneering visionbased
Indoor Navigation technology, which brings highly-accurate and intuitive
navigation to indoor spaces, without the need for any additional infrastructure.
NavVis technology is being used by a growing customer base around the world that
includes Siemens, BMW, Allianz, SAP and Deutsche Telekom.