Check your Real Estate before it is too late! - Prevent your purchase from becoming deceptive and disappointing.
  Eugendorf,  Austria

2018 | Startup Stage


Immo-Spector is a Proptech Start-up that develops purchase tests for real estate. Buyers can evaluate their future home and receive sufficient information, both in traditional and digital form. Users can do it all themselves using the online checklist including valuable tips and their own user account, with which viewings and photos can be managed and compared. There is also a checkbox with all the simple tools, as well as a checklist buyers can take to their next viewing. Those seeking expert advice can choose from a pool of experts and book a professional purchase test on-site using the Immo-Spector expert tool.

To make property assessment even easier and more effective for users in the future, the check can be carried out directly via the app using automatic image recognition. The user takes pictures and automatically receives an assessment of the damage, including valuable information and possible courses of action.

This automatic image recognition will also be available for B2B clients (property managers, real estate agents, etc.) in the future.