your project visualization platform

At C-SITE we believe in the power of using real-time images and data from building sites to develop solutions to reduce unnecessary costs, manage uncertainties and save time.

Our cloud based C-SITE platform automates real time image capturing from construction sites and turn them into actionable information.

We realize a visual as-built image database ready to use for operational & communication purposes.

We have developed a powerful tool that can be used by all stakeholders in the building process: developers, general contractors, communities, end customers and project engineers.
Accessible any time, from any location and on any device.

Used in over 500 projects to-date in over 8 countries,
C-SITE has enabled over 1000 users to save on unnecessary travel time, improved off-site alignment with sub-contractors, avoid costly disputes and lowered fail-costs through faster reactions to incidents.

Large infrastructure - , waterworks and public development projects,
Warehousing & logistics and airport development,
Over residential projects, new city development and offices,
Oil & gas, chemical plants and complex engineering.

C-SITE’s user-configurable time lapse video editor greatly simplifies creation and sharing of video content used for social media marketing, online promotions as well as in-company knowledge sharing and over all stakeholdercommunication.

We have manage over millions of images and auto-generated timelapses on our data platform.
Each image can be tagged individually with relevant data as needed. And soon coming auto tagging!

C-SITE is evolving from a datacapture and big data platform to an intelligent assistant for building & engineering projects.

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning techniques help to capture valuable data on the images and processing data to improve safety and operational excellence.

In short: C-SITE is a
* project visualisation platform for real estate developers, general contractors, engineering companies, investors, owners .... other stakeholders involved in construction.
* fully automated service
* end to end service from hardware ( plug & play camera systems) to software & services
* monitored 24/7
* cross department use ( marketing, communication - internal & external, project follow up, program management, riskmanagement...)
* visual as - built knowledge database
* connected ( with 3rd party apps and cloud applications)
* DIY & intuitive solution
* accessible from any device at anytime