Tel Aviv, Israel

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Branche Market
Gründungsjahr 2014
Mitarbeiter 5
Hauptsitz Tel Aviv, Israel
For the first time ever Veert allows you to create virtual tours with your smartphone alone.
Our app allows the user to edit, revise, add narration, watch the tour and publish it on the internet free of charge. There's a paid version with advanced tools for the professional markets.
Using the application does not require any professional knowledge. Simply capture your property's spheres directly from your personal smartphone.

Veert is the only solution available in the market for constructing a digital tour through your smartphone, without any training or advanced equipment.

The Veert app uses sophisticated deep-technology of image processing. Our patent-provisional algorithm creates spherical photos of any venue and our user-friendly interface allows you to build the virtual tour to your liking and publish it online.

Veert taps a market of 1.4 billion users/month which will keep growing as the digitization (i.e., virtual reality content) of the physical world will significantly permeate the real-estate market.

Contact us for more details and collaborations. We are specifically interested in embedding our app in real-estate online marketplaces and listing-boards, as well as cooperations with real estate agencies.

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