Building Operations

Oslo, Norway

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Branche Building Operations
Gründungsjahr 2017
Mitarbeiter 4
Hauptsitz Oslo, Norway
New technology has contributed to smart solutions and a simpler everyday life. Yet we still stand outside our front door wondering where we left the key. Or spend a full day at home waiting for a delivery that never arrives.

It is about time we digitize keys.

Unloc has developed a solution that makes sharing a key as easy as sending a text message. With just a couple of taps you can give access to the delivery person, cleaner, or someone from the household who forgot their key.

Easy, safe and efficient.

Unloc is a lock-agnostic platform. Meaning every lock system is supported. A single app — one digital keychain.. This is crucial for user experience. Particularly for service providers, logistics companies and elderly care providers, who cannot manage an endless amount of apps and logins.

A universal app for all doors.

Unloc has grown from 0 to 10 employees since 2018. The company is now in quick growth, with secured pre-seed and seed funding from institutional investors in Norway. Later in 2019 they will raise a larger round from international investors. Focus for 2019 is Scandinavia. Europe in 2020. Multicontinental within 2022.

Unloc's platform build is modern and designed for planetary scale. Unloc uses Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and Flutter (app) + AngularJS (web) front-end. Design, development and innovation is 100% made in-house from Oslo, Norway.

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