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The office is the setting of our work lives. It’s a reference point. A base. The office constitutes the point of departure of everything the company does and creates. On a low level, this is where the people of which the company consists spend most of their waking hours - even in a world of remote work and flexible work hours. The way we use our offices has a great influence on company culture, performance, job satisfaction, and costs. And, long-term, even on the climate. UbiqiSense has introduced a new technology which gives you unique and detailed insights into how you use your office, and how it can be optimized. The core solution is an AI-based sensor which collects data on your interactions with the office and the building, and it helps you adjust to this. All this with the aim to support company culture and the needs of employees and to create a workplace which spurs innovation, growth, and job satisfaction. The sensor, which is of Danish design and 100% GDPR-compliant, is mounted discreetly on the wall, from where it registers the number of people and their occupancy in different areas and rooms as well as behavioral and activity-based patterns in the building. With this data, the company can optimize facilities in the building as well as how you work and behave within the walls of the building. You can hereby ensure the best possible conditions for both the wellbeing and performance of your employees. In one fell swoop, you can also decrease both costs and the CO2 emissions related to the building. In other words, UbiqiSense supports people’s interactions with and use of buildings. The solution is helping transform a building from a bunch of bricks into a living and comfortable environment which stimulates productivity and creativity, and it contributes to shaping the smart 21st-century workplace as well as making it future proof.