Transforma Robotics

Construction Machines & Equipment
Singapore, Singapore

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Branche Construction Machines & Equipment
Gründungsjahr 2017
Mitarbeiter 9
Hauptsitz Singapore, Singapore
Transforma Robotics is a spin-off tech company from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. We offer robots and robotic services to the construction industry, specifically in indoor wall painting and construction quality assessment. Our solutions introduce new technologies that can help companies address labor shortage, increase productivity and address workplace safety at the same time.

Our first robot is called PICTOBOT, which is an intelligent mobile robot that autonomously scans, plans and paints interior of buildings. No CAD model or drawings are required. Pictobot is empowered with sensor-driven planning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods that cope with the challenges and uncertainties of the construction environment. Using 3D perception onboard the robot, it autonomously maps out the geometry of wall surfaces and avoids spraying over other architectural elements, such doors and windows. Moreover, the robot deploys data-driven motion planning and spray-gun positioning, that help achieve consistent coat build and a higher spray transfer efficiency in comparison with manual spraying. This translates to reduced paint dust and human exposure to harmful chemicals. It also allows the workforce to achieve more with consistent quality and relieves workers of the tiresome task and considerable climbing, bending, kneeling, and reaching.

Our second solution is QUICABOT, a robot developed for Building Interior Finishing Inspection and Assessment. This mobile robot collects data and scans the architectural finishing using different sensors and automatically generates an assessment of different kinds of defects, such as cracks, unevenness, tile lippage, even those based specfiic user needs. Detected defects are marked on the 2D/3D map generated by the robot. Furthermore, the data during the inspection process could be uploaded into a cloud or BIM for reference and real-time feedback. One of the advantages of robot inspection is data transparency and consistency. The result is more objective than human inspection. At the same time, the record of data makes it possible to conclude and improve the overall construction and maintenance process by developers or real estate companies.

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