Smart City Solutions
Tel Aviv, Israel

Daten und Fakten

Branche Smart City Solutions
Gründungsjahr 2016
Mitarbeiter 12
Hauptsitz Tel Aviv, Israel
Tondo is an IOT smart lighting solution for smart cities.
Tondo’s smart-lighting system lets cities control, manage, and monitor their streetlights for dramatic savings in energy and maintenance costs. As an open IoT platform, it also lays the foundation for future applications and solutions, empowering cities to address multiple challenges through a single network. Tondo’s smart-lighting solutions turn any city streetlight into a strategic asset, wirelessly and in seconds..
Each Tondo turn to an IoT gateway which supports a local network of sensors and controls that become part of a vast Tondo-powered smart city network of networks. All the sensors are managed by our cloud-based management system which includes analytics capabilities, triggers, alerts and events. Whether its pollution monitoring, traffic adaptive lighting or holiday lighting control; Tondo turns each lighting pole into a strategic asset for the city.

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