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TableConnect designs and manufactures a range of highly distinctive large scale touch products. Our smart solutions combine state of the art technology with forward thinking design. The exclusive line of Digital Blackboards and TableConnect Multi Touch Tables is available worldwide.

Our digital Blackboards fill the gap between todays information age and traditional needs in property and facility management. Our modules are compact, with versatile mounting options and of ultra sturdy build quality. These interactive surfaces offer a wide range of possiblities for information and ad deployment and even emergency features.

Our Modules include everything you need. From the super responsive touchscreen to the powerful Android hardware and System.

Easy Integration
With three different mounting options, seemless integration is easy as pie. (including VESA)

All TableConnect products are covered with ultra sturdy safety glas ideal for public installations.

24/7 Performance
To ensure maximum uptime, we only use highest quality industrial grade components made for 24/7 usage.