Smart City Solutions
Paris, France

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Branche Smart City Solutions
Gründungsjahr 2015
Mitarbeiter 4
Hauptsitz Paris, France
Sensewaves provides Predictive Analytics for Buildings. We help asset owners and facility managers leverage all the data collected within the buildings and aggregated into their existing BMS to transition to smart building operations. By analyzing various data streams, historical and in real-time, we provide the right data at the right time to make informed, data-driven decisions based on hard evidence. This includes identifying inefficiencies and anomalies for predictive maintenance for building equipment such as HVAC units, space optimization, energy savings and usage. Data driven insights help owners / operators assess investment and operational risks, implement and justify system and technology improvements, optimize operations and building maintenance and ensure maximum building efficiency and comfort at the minimum underlying cost.
We have provided a number of pilots and proof of concept projects in large buildings and offices and would welcome the opportunity to develop additional pilots to address market challenges.

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