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Ramat Ha Sharon, Israel
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Branche Procurement & Construction
Gründungsjahr 2019
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Hauptsitz Ramat Ha Sharon, Israel
Samson Logic is a logistics startup for the construction field and industry 4.0

We are the new way to manage materials in construction at all stages:
Starting at the ordering of the materials, through their packing at the factories, their transportation, and consumption.

We do this by using proprietary modular smart packages, combining IoT sensors, and software with a unique algorithm that creates the content layout by the consumption order.

The unique solution saves crane and workers time, storage area, materials waste, deliveries, increase safety, productivity, and organization, at construction sites, and factories and by that making the process eco-friendlier, and efficient.

We are putting an end to the improvisation and give standardization to the way materials and equipment are managed today.

The first material that our company is focusing on is the reinforcement bars- “Rebar”