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Tallinn, Estonia

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Branche Invest & Finance
Gründungsjahr 2017
Mitarbeiter 6
Hauptsitz Tallinn, Estonia
Reinvest24 is a unique Real Estate Crowdfunding platform in Europe. Our team includes finance, IT and real estate professionals with many years of experience. Our platform doesn’t mediate fixed-term loans. Instead, we provide everyone the opportunity to invest in attractive real estate, benefiting the same way as owning a percentage of the property. We invest in rental properties with the goal of creating passive monthly income for all our investors.

You can become a real estate investor by investing as little as 100 euros. In addition to the passive income from our monthly rental yield, your invested capital is directly tied to the real estate itself. This means you also earn profits from the increase in value of the property over time, especially when it gets developed. Furthermore, when you invest in a real estate project with Reinvest24 you get shares, which you are free to sell on the open market at any time.

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