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Commercial buildings face serious HVAC-related challenges due to the complex nature of Building Management Systems (BMS) and the limits of human operators. This leads to energy-waste, too high CO2 emissions, makes it difficult to detect HVAC errors as well as pollutes the indoor climate and causes in long term severe health issues. R8 Digital Operator is a web-based and AI-driven software for real estate managers increasing the performance of HVAC systems and their technical servicing. We are successfully deploying the key components of Industry 4.0 including IoT, machine learning, BIM (Building Information Model) technologies into the building automation systems. R8 Digital Operator can be integrated with almost any existing BMS (Siemens, Schneider Electric, Niagara, etc.) and BIM without additional hardware! It takes intelligent and automated control over the HVAC systems 24/7 and cuts the total energy costs up to -30%, improves indoor climate stability and offers novel fault diagnostics features. R8 Digital Operator is a comprehensive package of Diagnostics and Autopilot modules that provide a transparent total overview of the technical condition, improve indoor climate and energy performance of the building. Diagnostics is a technical supervisor that analyses and checks continuously in the background whether all systems are performing well, by discovering precise faults and anomalies in the systems operation and forwarding them as tasks with necessary descriptions to technical crew. Thus, ensuring that faults get fixed efficiently in time with minimum indoor climate complaints and that the technical systems have a long lifecycle. Autopilot ensures that the buildings are heated, cooled and ventilated at the right time with the right amount of energy. The AI-driven optimization engine takes the rooms’ thermal profiles, constant fluctuations of occupants, weather and energy market prices into account. A centralized building management calibration tool allows to easily select the preferred indoor climate based on the room type, ambient temperature, expected usage period and energy costs. Autopilot makes sure that the indoor climate criteria are met with minimum costs.