OWNR Technologies

Hamburg, Germany

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Branche Market
Gründungsjahr 2017
Mitarbeiter 13
Hauptsitz Hamburg, Germany
Find your new home with us and lease your apartment or house with OWNR. Lease your living space? You've never heard of it? Right, because we from OWNR think living anew!

This is how housing leasing works: We show you in our OWNR meta search all apartments and houses available for sale on your local market. And as they're for sale, if you find your dream property to live in, we buy it for you!
What's more: We renovate it for you and you choose the equipment, from kitchen and bathroom to furniture or you Steinway piano - so that you really like it.
You lease the apartment or house for a minimum of 18 to 48 months and when this time is gone, you have all the choice possible:

1. Stay in your apartment or house as long as you like.

2. Leave the property and do whatever you want - OWNR will keep the property and lease it out to another person.

3. Or you can buy the apartment or the house at a fixed price we both have agreed on when signing the inital leasing contract.

With OWNR you get your new dream property fast and comfortably without any hassle of queing for visits and such nasty things.
What you have to do now? Become an OWNR - and pack boxes!

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