Building Technologies
Karachi, Pakistan

Daten und Fakten

Branche Building Technologies
Gründungsjahr 2017
Mitarbeiter 7
Hauptsitz Karachi, Pakistan
ModulusTech was established in the wake of the Syrian Refugee Crises in 2017 after a group of friends witnessed how important housing is for rehabilitation of disaster affected or homeless people. These people had been forced to flee away from their homes and families only to find further hardships and lack of a proper shelter to help get their lives back to normal.

The founders set about to create a low-cost, sustainable housing technology that can be set up by anyone in a matter of hours, provided proper living conditions as well as protection from extreme climates. Considering the scale of global housing shortage, the houses were designed to have a minimal environmental impact and can be operated off-grid creating their own electricity and water.

Today the startup company has successfully implemented numerous sustainable projects throughout Pakistan, and aims to set up its Autonomous Houses around the globe, leading innovation in sustainable infrastructure while creating social impact.

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