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MeteoViva Climate is an award winning patented technology for the management of HVAC in commercial buildings. The company MeteoViva GmbH is headquartered in Jülich with offices in Basel (CH), Washington DC and NYC (USA). The team comprises of 24 employees. The technology is currently running in more than 80 buildings in Europe and the US and has already saved millions of EUR in energy costs for the clients. The technology has experience of more than 3,5 mio. operating hours in commercial buildings. Customers: Daimler, BMW, Generali, Deutsche Bahn, European Central Bank, DHL, American University.

MeteoViva has created the next generation of advanced building technology where a predictive optimization proactively optimizes HVAC energy consumption in commercial buildings. It reduces energy costs and C02 emissions by up to 40%.

MeteoViva Climate is cloud-based, deployable across all building sizes, ages, and types, and is architected to scale across hundreds of buildings. It connects to existing building management systems (BMS) and automatically adjusts set points based on a building-specific model, predictive algorithms and advanced control strategies. The technology is based on a patented algorithm as well as a building specific computer simulation model and focuses on the intelligent management of existing equipment rather than major investments in new equipment and materials.

MeteoViva significantly reduces HVAC energy costs in commercial buildings to create the desired room climate at the lowest possible costs.

The solution frees up time of the Facility Manager/Technical Team as it runs 24/7 in a fully automated fashion. The financial effect of this automation even exceeds the financial effects of the savings and can amount up to 100k EUR/annum per building. Additionally the value of the Portfolios using the technology is significantly increased as the buildings will be transformier into sustainable managed real estate.