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Building Operations

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Branche Building Operations
Gründungsjahr 2014
Mitarbeiter 20
Hauptsitz Amsterdam, Netherlands
“A sustainable world requires intelligent buildings. In the tomorrow that we envision there is no waste in the forms of space, time, energy and exasperation. We provide today’s people with the right examples, data and tools to move towards an efficient, hospitable and sustainable future.” – Lone Rooftop

Lone Rooftop enables data-driven Facility & Real Estate Management. Based on existing WiFi networks and sensors, our Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) provides organisations and systems with the most accurate, realtime and predictive occupancy metrics of their buildings.

PIE is an open platform that brings a variety of smart apps to your building. As a Real Estate or Facility Manager, use the Building Intelligence Dashboard that provides 24/7 analytics on the usage of every zone in your building. SPOT is a mobile app that makes finding an available workspace or meeting room as easy as checking the weather. Wally is a TV application that visualises the occupancy of the building or a certain floor in realtime, so employees can quickly find an available workplace. SmartCleaning, which uses the data from PIE to optimise cleaning routes and prioritises areas in need for cleaning based on activity and actual usage. Connections with Building Management Systems allow lighting and climate systems to react on actual usage and turn off the energy-consuming systems when nobody is detected so costs and energy can be saved. This is only just a piece of the PIE as many more apps can be plugged into platform, preparing your building for the future – efficient, sustainable and optimised for hospitality.

Lone Rooftop - Building Intelligence
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