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Ghent, Belgium
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Gründungsjahr 2014
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We bring together neighbours and stimulate physical encounters, engagement and social cohesion through a digital neighbourhood network. At the same time, we connect local governments, utility companies and project developers with citizens without them needing to worry about growth, reach or technical support. Hoplr - pronounced "hopler" - is a Belgian initiative that was founded in 2014 by Jennick Scheerlinck and Jonas Heirwegh, based on a social vision and conviction. Hoplr shifts the focus from individual to local community. We harness the power of the collective to anticipate the societal challenges of tomorrow: social cohesion, inclusion, aging, care and citizen engagement. Connect online, meet offline. Social cohesion, offline meetings and involvement are the basic requirements to achieve meaningful inclusion and citizen participation. Via Hoplr, citizens gain access to the social capital in their neighbourhood: material, knowledge, time, volunteers and infrastructure. Only this way, we can evolve towards more caring and sustainable smart cities. Our manifesto as unique selling proposition: Hoplr actively builds local communities in a positive way Hoplr has a sustainable business model that is free of advertisement Hoplr operates in line with the European GDPR privacy legislation Hoplr actively bridges the gap between citizens and local governments Hoplr focuses on social challenges and impact