Building Operations

Petach Tikva, Israel

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Branche Building Operations
Mitarbeiter 15
Hauptsitz Petach Tikva, Israel
HomiSmart is an Israeli high-tech company active in the field of building management Smart and a leader in technological innovation. HomiSmart is a business partner of Google company in the field of smart home and voice activation and have standard from the Institute of Israeli Standards and European CE standard.

The company's technology and products allow full integration for smart building management that nowadays includes: smart electricity, smart access control, smart parking management, security cameras, sensors, alarm systems and interfacing with other existing systems.

As identified by the company team there is a strong need for easy /user friendly technology to help control and synchronize all the different technologies that are installed in buildings into one integrated solution to help monitor ,manage and take action to the different systems combined in the buildings within a cost effective budget -THIS IS WHERE HomiSmart is now functioning with its technology and solutions for the different needs .

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