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HEIMA’s mission is to manufacture, distribute and disseminate materials and construction methods of a superior quality, with an efficient life cycle, respecting the environment and providing a high level of user satisfaction.

To HEIMA, building excellence translates into sustainable building solutions with high technological standards, rapid and efficient implementation, with the ultimate aim of promoting well-being.

Constructions employing HEIMA's technology are much faster and require a lower structural load. This reflects in the reduction of costs on structures, labor and waste management. In addition, HEIMA products have the Green Building Council seal of approval.

• Ecologically correct
• Quick installation
• Approved by the International Building Code (IBC) & International Residential Code (IRC)
• Impact resistant surface
• Concrete panels on both sides of the core panel
• Electrical ducts on all panels
• Possibility of pre-cut edges
• Approved for use in seismic regions A, B, & C (USA)
• High thermal and acoustic insulation index R-20 and R-30
• Mold resistant ASTM D-3273
• Windproof: withstands winds up to 150mph (240 km/h)