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Beer Sheva, Israel

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Branche Procurement & Construction
Gründungsjahr 2019
Mitarbeiter 3
Hauptsitz Beer Sheva, Israel
Greenvibe is a construction tech startup that develops a revolutionary IoT system in order to measure the onsite concrete characteristics in real-time. our sensors are embedded inside the concrete pour in the casting time, measuring its strength, temperature, humidity, and resistivity and transmits the data to the cloud.
These days, while concrete is being the most consumed raw material in the world, there is no adequate way to monitor its on-site characteristics.
This leads to inefficiency and safety issues in the construction process - either waiting too long before performing processes that have to do with concrete strength such as formwork removal or concrete loading or performing those too early and thus endangering the structure and the lives of the workers on-site.
knowing the onsite concrete strength in real-time will save hundreds of dozens of dollars per project.
In addition, real-time concrete strength indication would improve precast factories' productivity by up to 20% and will use for QA purposes and concrete mixture optimization for concrete producers.

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