DigitalTwin Technology

Engineering & Project Management
Cologne, Germany

Daten und Fakten

Branche Engineering & Project Management
Gründungsjahr 2018
Mitarbeiter 3
Hauptsitz Cologne, Germany
DigitalTwin Technology is a construction technology company operating out of Cologne Germany. DigitalTwin Technology is the first company in the world to make use of VR and AR for digital twin in the tunneling segment of the construction industry for BIM (Building Information Modeling). Tunnelware is a VaaS (Virtuality as a Service) for tunnel construction industry to manage the construction process while managing the data generated by various sensors and human interaction. With a focus on reducing cost and waste, safety and increasing productivity. Our system will improve the construction process at every stage, delivering faster builds to a higher quality with fewer defects and more sustainable tunnels.

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