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Datumate is digitally transforming civil engineering processes used in construction, surveying, and infrastructure inspection markets with fully automated, high precision and cost-effective solutions.
Datumate's software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud platform, enables construction companies to monitor their project progress, budget and quality effectively, by actionable project execution metrics extracted from the field data.

With Datumate platform, general contractors, project developers and construction management companies can effectively and continuously monitor construction sites during project execution, digitize and automate their processes, reduce direct professional costs by 20% and save in total 3%-5% of the overall project execution cost that can more than double the profitability of the entire project.

Construction infrastructure projects includes; roads, intersections, stockpile volumes, topography, piping, industrial facilities, bridges, property surveys, building facades, railways, and more.
The solution is based on automated drone-based field images used to generate current field representation ("As-Built" model) by our computer vision photogrammetry software, which is compared to previous field representations or to the project design plan or future 3D model-based process called BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Datumate’s core competency is rooted in a team of construction experts and high-tech professionals. Datumate is a Construction-Tech company that promotes innovation and digital transformation in the construction market.

Datumate was recognized by CIO review magazine as one of the “20 most promising construction technology solution providers 2017” that are at the forefront of providing technology solutions for the construction industry and having a significant impact in the marketplace.