Criaterra Innovations

Building Materials & Systems
Holon, Israel

Daten und Fakten

Branche Building Materials & Systems
Gründungsjahr 2015
Mitarbeiter 10
Hauptsitz Holon, Israel

Criaterra is an R&D company that develops innovative construction materials that are designed for high performance and introduce circular economy solutions in this industry. Criaterra’s products demonstrate that it is possible to dramatically reduce GHG emissions in the production process for prefabricated building materials without compromising on strength, constructive quality and innovative designs.
This is achieved through a complete reengineering of the production process which preserves the physical properties of the raw materials. Criaterra’s products are fully recyclable, with low emissions and high energy conservation.

Criaterra’s solutions:

Criaterra’s construction products excel in quality, performance, and aesthetics. They are scientifically designed to enable a wide range of prefabricated applications including building blocks, wall tiles, and other products for construction and decor, all with scalable production.

Market Need:

Greening the building supply chain is a global priority. To limit global temperature rise to 2°C, as set out in the Paris Agreement, an estimated 77% reduction in total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions must be achieved in the building sector by 2050, compared to today’s level. Industry leaders are allocating resources in a race towards sustainable solutions. This is driven not only by government, regulators and leaders in construction but also by investors. The current void of green building materials is a dramatic opportunity for companies who will lead in this area, with the global demand for green construction materials expected to reach €323B by 2022.

Market Positioning:

Criaterra’s uniqueness is in truly redesigning the entire lifecycle of our products from a deeply eco-innovative protocol. This is an inherently different approach in contrast to introducing minor reductions in footprint while using primarily artificial materials.


Criaterra's immediate goals include:
• building our IP portfolio and advanced product lines
• developing mass production technologies
• growing through market partners

Grants and awards:

Criaterra Innovations is proud and honored to have been selected for funding with multiple grants from the Israel Innovation Authority and from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator in the Horizon 2020 program.

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