Engineering & Project Management
New Delhi, India

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Branche Engineering & Project Management
Gründungsjahr 2018
Mitarbeiter 5
Hauptsitz New Delhi, India
The construction industry is lagging behind - it is buried under paperwork, spending thousands of staff hours looking for documents, and spending millions of dollars in rework, because someone used an old blueprint.

We work with people that face problems like this every day.

That's why we created Buildsys, a cloud based suite of applications where project teams come together to manage the construction lifecycle.

View latest drawings, create markups, organize meetings, assign tasks, respond to RFIs, manage submittals, archive as-builts - all of in real time, right from your phone.

This helps project teams not only save a lot of time and rework, but also helps them coordinate with ease, while ensuring accountability & transparency.

Buildsys also integrates with all your existing tools such as Google Drive, AutoCAD, BIM etc. without having to replace them.

And all of this costs significantly less than any other solution out there.

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