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GPT-powered Conversational AI for Real Estate

Bots4You is a leading AI company in Europe, specializing in innovative conversational AI solutions for real estate industry.

Bots4You's no-code platform, powered by own Real Estate GPT models (B4Y-GPT), enables advanced generative AI applications such as document and table analysis for summarizations, question answering, pattern recognition, comparisons, and forecasting.

This unique solution effectively addresses both internal and external communication needs through chat and voice interfaces. Internally, the platform serves as a smart knowledge management helpdesk, enhanced with generative AI solutions for improved efficiency. Externally, it streamlines communication with customers and various stakeholders in the industry via the same chat and voice interfaces.

The controlled automated content generation and summarization capabilities set new benchmarks in communication and information dissemination using generative AI. Furthermore, the no-code platform allows clients to align their virtual assistants' output with their brand and messaging, promoting trust and security for customers.

Explore the future of AI for real estate with bots4you’s extensive expertise in these dynamic technology segment.