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Blocksquare enables companies with real estate portfolios to increase value and liquidity of assets through tokenization, providing a compliant and cost-effective solution to convert a single real estate property into 100,000 blockchain-based digital shares, so multiple buyers can globally access investments in buildings of any size and type.

Similar to how Stripe or PayPal provide tools for e-commerce sites to securely and promptly process online payments, Blocksquare offers real estate businesses the world's best real estate tokenization system with all required tools and modules for creation, issuance, sale, distribution, management, tracking and trade of tokenized properties.

- Create and issue tokens linked to commercial real estate properties.
PropTokenINVEST enables you to create, issue and distribute tokens of a single real estate property. Each property. PropToken contracts are designed to issue and manage a fixed set of 100,000 BSPT tokens that determine each investor's stake in the property.

- Easily distribute rental yields to 100s of investors world-wide.
Our blockchain-based system enables you to distribute rental yields instantly to 100s of PropToken (BSPT) holders directly from your Certified Partner's account. Our rental yield appropriation algorithm automatically tracks on-chain transactions and calculates holding periods for all accounts holding PropTokens (BSPT).

- Borderless trading of tokenized assets without intermediaries.
Direct peer-to-peer exchange is powered by an open, decentralized, permissionless protocol allowing for PropTokens (BSPT) to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. With no centralized point of failure and no down time, each trade is settled atomically and without counterparty risk.

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