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Delft, Netherlands
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Gründungsjahr 2015
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Hauptsitz Delft, Netherlands

Green-Basilisk develope, produce and sell concrete additives that makes concrete self-healing. Green-Basilisk’s solutions increase the durability and service lifetime of concrete structures, whilst decreasing maintenance and repair costs as well as related downtime. The company has developed a self-healing agent that can be added to repair products or virgin concrete and that closes cracks in the concrete. The agent contains specific micro-organisms that start producing limestone when in contact with oxygen and water, creating an autonomous repair system.

The self-healing technology was developed by Dr. Henk Jonkers at Delft University of Technology and is protected with four patents. The autonomous repair system is now used in several products which are suitable for both new and existing concrete structures.

Basilisk was founded in the Netherlands but now active in more then 25 countries in the world. We add value to concrete!