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Basel, Switzerland
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Branche Building Operations
Gründungsjahr 2013
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Hauptsitz Basel, Switzerland

Allthings makes digital operations for real estate companies easy: real estate companies bundle all digital solutions for their buildings or portfolios in one place with Allthings. This enables fully connected and seamless real estate operations. Allthings' customers and digital solution partners achieve greater efficiency, improved user satisfaction,
transparency and consolidate data with a focus on sustainability through Allthings' integration and orchestration platform.

Like in an app store for buildings, real estate companies can choose the right combination of solutions from the industry's largest digital ecosystem of partners - whether for individual buildings or entire portfolios. For this purpose, Allthings provides the appropriate service building blocks, integration services, interfaces, APIs and SDKs, enabling customers to access all essential data in real estate operations.

Founded in 2013 in Basel as a spin-off of ETH Zurich, the company has offices in Basel and Freiburg. Its team has won numerous prizes and boasts a clientele that includes over 300 of Europe’s leading real estate companies and service providers. For more information visit our website.