Smart City Solutions
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Branche Smart City Solutions
Gründungsjahr 2017
Mitarbeiter 2
Hauptsitz Ljubljana, Slovenia
Modelur offers the fastest path to the design of high-quality built environment that is in line with vision of spatial development of the city.

Modelur helps cities overcome problems of traditional, static masterplans, which are expensive, time-consuming and extremely hard-to-change once in place. To solve this problems, Modelur incorporates a patent-pending interactive urban design method, which adapts buildings to predefined zoning ordinance on-the-fly, allowing development to be changed until the point of execution (eg. getting building permit).

Thanks to the increased productivity (2,4x times faster design time, 4,5x less mistakes), users can quickly create, compare and evaluate different design alternatives and scenarios. Having both, quantitative and qualitative (visual 3D) data at their hands when making decisions, people involved in urban design & planning can easily validate different design proposals against the requirements and make sure the best solution is chosen for further development.

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