Advanced Construction Robotics

Construction Machines & Equipment
Pittsburgh, United States

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Branche Construction Machines & Equipment
Gründungsjahr 2016
Mitarbeiter 21
Hauptsitz Pittsburgh, United States
Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. utilizes robotics and artificial intelligence to innovate and commercialize a wide range of autonomous products to lead the long-term transformation of the construction industry towards enhanced productivity, improved safety, increased profits, and reduced schedule risk.

ACR's first commercialized product, TyBot, is available today for leasing and sales orders. TyBot is an autonomous rebar tying robot for bridge construction and other reinforced concrete applications. Today, TyBot is proving robots can reliably, safely, and competently work together with crews using existing construction operations and practices. The productivity increase TyBot and future robots offer will provide the acceleration necessary to meet the increasing demand on a global industry. TyBot has received significant international interest and was the winner of the Associated General Contractors of America's first ever Innovation Award in 2018.

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