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Makeo – Flow in Project Fulfillment Makeo is a web-based platform for construction project management. It digitally supports takt planning and control and the last planner system. We support our customers in coordinating their processes and staff and enable them to make commitments for what will happen. Deviations can be easily documented and tracked. Hence, Makeo users spend less time on lengthy meetings and still have a better overview of ongoing and upcoming work on the construction site. “We use Makeo so that every craftsman has clarity about his tasks, and the site manager has an overview of the construction progress. With this tool, we can set up a coherent schedule, integrate the necessary quality checks into the schedule and control the entire construction project via the digital cockpit.” Christian Denzinger, Rommel SF-Bau, Germany “Makeo helps us to have a clear picture of the progress on the construction site at any time and any place. Employees can easily control themselves based on the current actual situation and thus serve various construction sites in parallel during the week.” Simon Lauser, Heinrich Schmid GmbH & Co. KG Ludwigsburg, Germany We have a strong focus on software-supported project management, planning, implementation, and evaluation of construction project management processes. We are committed to delivering great results for everybody involved in the project. Because every achievement counts. Instead of building walls, we develop new horizons.