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Fyma (For your motion analytics) is a computer vision AI startup improving the layout and design of urban spaces so people and objects can move around more efficiently. With 770M CCTV cameras installed around the world today and set to exceed 1 billion this year, Fyma is on a mission to help its clients unlock value hidden within existing video footage using AI and computer vision. It does this by transforming any new or legacy outdoor and CCTV cameras into smart sensors that capture real-time data and extract insights. The AI behind the company’s solution helps clients understand and contextualise the patterns of movement in individuals and moving objects in the built environment with the aim of increasing efficiencies, safety and revenue. Fyma offers a 100% plug and play SaaS solution that integrates with virtually any IP camera setup. This requires less processing power and infrastructure investment than installing a high-end specialty camera system. The Fyma platform is also self-learning removing the burden of manually inputting thousands of business rules and significantly reducing onboarding times. The ability to replace thousands of 'dumb' sensors (such as beacons, infrared sensors, 3D cams, thermal imaging cameras etc) that mainly aggregate footfall and dwell time with one elegant solution covering all of that and so much more (like age and gender detection, heatmaps layered with gender data etc) not only saves money and the environment by reducing electronic waste, but also unlocks extra revenue options that were not possible before. Fyma is compliant with existing privacy regulation including GDPR and its privacy-by-design approach prevents facial recognition. All gathered data is anonymised and sensitive information is protected. Fyma operates on secure servers and provides clients with a range of tools to manage data security. Key USP's: 1. No extra hardware needed - Fyma works with any existing IP camera 2. GDPR safe and compliant - algorithms are trained on defaced data, all processing is done without any biometric or facial recognition (including age and gender detection) 3. 100% self setup - no need for a data science team or any implementation expense as the entire system can be set up by anyone; it takes less than 30 sec to set up a camera stream and start gathering insights immediately via our dashboard or use the API to display the data in a client's space