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Concrete is responsible for approximately 8% of global CO2 , is the second most used material on the planet behind water with over 10 billion tons each year being produced. Bill Gates has specifically called out concrete & cement as a key challenge in the race to global net-zero carbon by 2050. Due to quality issues & over ordering around 5% of all concrete is currently wasted. Cement alone is 6% of global CO2 at least 10kgs of extra cement is added to every m3 of concrete produced to ensure the strength requirements are met. This comes at both a financial and environmental cost. Cloud Cycles technology measures the concrete quality in real-time, predicting the quality upon delivery leading to drastic reductions in rejected batched caused by quality issues. With a constant feedback loop to the batch plant, Cloud Cycle provides strength & quality insights allowing produces to reduce the need for any additional cement being added to their concrete. Cloud Cycle's platform also provides operational insights optimising truck routes & logistics & with BIM integration we are able to better inform order quantities reducing over-ordering as well as providing automatic design updates after a pour. Our solution aims to save the industry £60 Billion each year whilst reducing global CO2 by 1% & improving the quality of concrete globally. This will go hand in hand with reducing potential liability brought about by concrete quality issues in buildings.