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The idea was born in 2018. I got tired of seeing so much advertising paper in the mailboxes, on the ground of the city and in all the rubbish bins near the neighbourhood communities. So, I started to document and research on the subject and I realised that the volume of mass mailing in Spain was really worrying, especially because of the tons and tons of paper that is used only to last a simple glance or to be thrown directly into the trash. In the technological era we live in, for me this made no sense. I studied political science and always had a social vocation and was very interested in sustainability and Smart City issues. My other great passion was my profession. For the last 7 years I worked as an Accompanying Guide and I could see in all my travels around Europe that the issue of mass mailing was not exclusive to Spain. I live in a community building and the lack of up-to-date information is evident. We have had a cork board with the same poster for 2 years and when there is a meeting and another poster is put up, sometimes it doesn't even last 3 days. CITIPIX installs information screens (CitipixTVs) in the lobbies of residential buildings and the information screen is divided into different segments. These CitipixTV screens display community information uploaded by property managers (meetings, maintenance, lost property, etc.), local advertising information (replacing mass mailing) and information about the city, thus also acting as a municipal information point and creating a real Smart City. (Street closures, power cuts, cultural agenda, etc.). The latest development is working with GranadaDigital news agency. We want to reserve them a privileged place on our screens so that their headlines appear every day giving our users new and updated information every day. All this information is controlled remotely and immediately through our management software for property managers. Our APP will be released and will give the possibility for residents to see all the information of the CitipixTV from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, if you are travelling for example.