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Gründungsjahr 2016
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Hauptsitz Vienna, Austria
Marketing and Sale start to use restrainedly 360° Images and VR.

™360xt serves as an agency mainly the project development, the traveling industrie, galleries and exhibitions and at the bottom end real estate.
™360xt is a concept of architects about the perception of space to support the growing community dealing with 360° formats with unique tools.
Made for presentation, education, promotion, sale and the toggling of spaces.

• supporting the recognition by clients of a spatial entity
• providing a continuous movement on a timeline
• giving a perception of scale
• making to feel a spirit of places
• inventing the moment of surprise
• allowing question what is behind
• attracting by the success to discover

™360xt is a specific toolbox activating and enriching 360° images/panoramas (photo, rendering, film).
Architects explore the spatial world differently than photographer.
Our clients love the approach about the spirit and the story of their places
We are ready to enter the global market with a seductive business concept.
If people talk about innovation, it is not yet a trend.
360° picturing is NOT anymore an innovation. We have a VISION
We will make the 360° image use as common as a smartphone use - don’t think it just make it

sample of Service: Have a look to one of the oldest Hotels in Vienna
Please contact us as we will support your concepts with individual service as the toolbox is not yet public