Ingo Steves
Managing Director North Europe
I have joined Gazeley in 2007 and I am overseeing all capital deployments, dispositions and operational platform aspects of the business in Northern Europe & CEE. After the acquisition of Gazeley by Brookfield in 2013 from Dubai World I additional introduced and established the Operations & Asset Management at Gazeley in 2014-2015 as Head of Operations for Europe and China which have set industry standards in terms of effectiveness. I have developed and acquired more than 1 Mill sm in logistics with clients as amazon, adidas, VW, Bosch, UPS and Mercedes. Now being very active part of GLP, the global leading investor & developer in logistics, again the Business Unit North Europe is heading the capital deployment activities with high quality developments, Landbanking in logistics cluster areas and off market acquisitions. Prior to that I worked as Real Estate Banker at WestLB-Group, for Investment vehicles of Warburg & Deutsche Bank and as a Market Officer for Germany at US REIT ProLogis.