Morten Lund
CEO and Co-Founder
Poshtel International
Morten Lund is a serial entrepreneur based in Copenhagen, Denmark - with a career spanning different industries that has led him from advertising, tech, law and finance - and now real estate with his pursuit of Poshtel PopUp.  Lund has been a part in changing 3 industries; within telephony, where Skype took 28% of all international calls; within legal, where Airhelp is now the largest EU law-firm suing the airlines on behalf of delayed passengers; and within electronic invoicing, where Tradeshift is now the world's largest.  Like many entrepreneurs who dare put his money where his heart is, Lund has seen the highs and lows of the business world, first capitalizing on Skype's $2.5bn sale to eBay in 2005, and later being declared bankrupt in a failed venture in publishing back in 2009.  With the advent of Poshtel PopUp, Morten Lund is set on disrupting the real estate scene with a sustainable approach to building and establishing hotel and residential suites, and building self-sustaining communities through the use of the utilities technology, 5th Element.  In private, Morten Lund lives in Copenhagen with his family and is currently working on projects under Poshtel.  At the moment, Lund is not taking any ventures outside his own, but is interested in working with landowners and motivated individuals to push the cause.