Mathis Grimstad
CEO and Owner
Stor-Oslo Eiendom
Stor-Oslo Eiendom is a property developer who operate in the greater Oslo region, in Norway. They are co-invest with their investors on large urban developments that contain both residential and commercial real estate. They focus on smart sustainable developments and work in the framework of triple bottom line, balancing positive gains for the environmental, social and economic returns as a result from the project. They are one of the largest developers in the region with a portfolio of developments valued at approx. USD 3 billion. Mathis has an engineering degree from Gothenburg Technical college in Gothenburg, Sweden, a master degree in civil engineering from University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada, and a MBA from University of Cape Town, South Africa. Mathis is also a graduate from Harvard University’s executive education at Harvard Business School and Harvard School of Design and is a Harvard Alumnus. He is an elected member of the Real Estate Advisory Group at UNECE, UNs head office for Europe in Geneva.