Technology companies and venture capital have discovered the construction industry and will change the markets
Construction industry is totally fragmented and cannot oppose this development
Automotive industry in Germany as a good example for cooperation: HERE technologies – provides mapping and location data and related services

Building Construction Innovation

The $12 trillion real estate and construction industry is extremely fragmented with tens of thousands of companies using minimal levels of technology. While labor-productivity growth has skyrocketed in the overall global economy, the construction industry has averaged only 1% annual productivity growth over the past two decades.

BUILTWORLD wants to connect Building In-formation Modeling (BIM) tools and optimized design directly to a supply chain infrastructure for ease of material ordering, manufacturing, tracking and delivery.

Materials and products arriving at construction sites just-in-time and ready to install. A site is more a precision-sequenced product assembly than traditional construction site.

A unique design approach combining product standardization with customization, providing the efficiency of manufacturing without sacrificing design freedom

We want to build a company encompassing:

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Engineering
  • Material supply
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Operations