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Apr 8, 2018

Visiting the Startup Nation – A Journey into the Heart of Israel’s Innovation

3 Day Real Estate Innovation Excursion from the 4th-7th of June

In June of this year, the Real Estate Innovation Network will take its first trip to explore Tel Aviv’s booming startup ecosystem. After SparkLabs Global Ventures ranked the sunny city at the Mediterranean Sea as No.3 of the world’s leading startup hotspots 2018, we decided it was about time to explore the latest trends and technologies surfacing in Israel’s property and construction sector.

What makes Israel so innovative? And which factors play a role in its pole position to initiate more start-ups per capita than any other country in the world?

With only 8 million inhabitants, Israel continues to yield countless highly successful tech companies, may it be Via – ride sharing service, Dapulse – project management tool, or StoreDot – the battery that charges a smartphone in only one minute. Globally renowned companies like Mobileye and Argus for instance, revolutionised cyber security and software in cutting edge technologies of automated driving. Google’s billion dollar acquisition of Waze: the first community based GPS navigation software allowing users to communicate travel times, route details and turn-by-turn navigation. The list goes on and on, which is why Israel is often referred to as a “Startup Nation”.

Yossi Vardi, a tech-guru, investor and political advisor who founded more than 60 firms over a lifespan, adds: “It belongs to the Israeli culture to just try things out, to dare something new and succeed with it, and most importantly to create something of one own. This is what makes the country so unique…”

Because the Real Estate Innovation Network is an open innovation platform aiming to collect and connect startups, investors and enterprises in Europe, Israel will be particularly exciting to understand key factors such as technical knowhow, engineering talent, active mentorship or legal and policy infrastructure. In order to explore the most relevant and innovative sites and services, we want to dive deep into the country’s startup culture and understand its foundation and infrastructure from a multidimensional perspective.

Therefore, we’ve planned a 3 day business excursion from the 4th-7th of June, in which 15 (spots are limited) top-management representatives from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria will get a chance to explore the most prominent parts of Tel Aviv’s tech-ecosystem. Together with SOSA, Israel’s Construction Innovation Zone and major driver in forwarding and accelerating startups by providing the platform and networking knowledge of estate specific industries, will join us with key startups in a variety of workshop sessions, social events, and field trips.

As a final highlight, the Real Estate Innovation Network will also be partnering with PropTech360 conference in Jerusalem on 7thJune, for which former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will have the opening keynote on cyber security and disruptive innovation in the 21st century.

We look forward to learning essential viewpoints from multiple industry experts, mentors, and investors on why and how Israeli enterprises thrive in this highly competitive and fast developing environment.

For more information and application to participate at the Real Estate Innovation Excursion – Startup Nation:


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