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Apr 4, 2019

Real Estate Innovation Network and BWT Asia host the first PropTech Contest in Southeast Asia

This year, we have teamed up with BUILTWORLD Technology Alliance Asia (BWT Asia) to co-host the new PropTech Innovation Contest for the first time. By co-hosting this event we have gained some valuable insights into the Southasian PropTech startup ecosystem. With strong hubs in Singapore and Hong Kong, the massive presence of Real Estate sectors all throughout the region and growing tech communities, this region is something worth paying attention to in the next period.

The Real Estate Innovation Network is founded with the ultimate goal of connecting cross-disciplinary experts to engage and drive to shape the BUILTWORLD of tomorrow. REIN strives to connect and match the best of both startup and corporate worlds, we do so by providing exposure and access to the industry to the most promising startups. We connect startups to industry leaders for a proof of concept (PoC), shape their business model and provide access to promising business cases.

Together, the Real Estate Innovation Network and BWT Asia have scouted the Southasian PropTech landscape and identified more than 150 startups and received more than 30 applications. We have noticed the interest of the local startup communities and we will keep the scouting processes running in the next period.

The selected semifinalists for PropTech Contest:

Foyr’s tech helps bring to life any “to-be-built” property as an immersive, data-linked, customizable 360-degree experience, which can run on any device with zero footprint. The tech enables conversion and compression of any 2D (floor plan, building plan, design information) or 3D (3D models) content into a web-link which can then be easily used in pitches, shared on social media & chat messengers, integrated with any website and/or CRM and used in any sales center or standalone presentations.

uHoo – the remarkable engineering of uHoo allowed nine air quality sensors to be packed in a tiny device the size of a coffee mug. Powered by a high-performance ARM-based processor, uHoo helps you take control of your air.

Booqed – is a digital marketplace for tenants and landlords to find or monetize short-term, unused space. BOOQED reduces rental expense of tenants by providing flexible, short-term space options while increasing revenue for landlords and suppliers by monetizing unused space.

H3 Zoom Facade Inspector is using machine learning alogrithms to make an expert validated inspection process making the today’s paper-based solutions completely interactive and accessible from any device, or from a digital command and control center.

Metro Residences is an apartment booking platform that curates properties to match every corporate traveller’s living needs. Each apartment is managed and furnished to fit the standards of modern living. We remove the hassle from leasing and booking serviced apartments, connecting people to homes by providing a variety of options while building a community of trusted owners and tenants.

Property Quants are bringing quantitative revolution to real estate investing. Property investing today is often driven by emotion, incomplete and inadequate information, and untested assumptions and hypotheses. It can and should be evidence-based, data-driven, and systematic. We are leading the way forward by using real estate data science to help investors beat the market.

The winner of the PropTech Contest

It was a tight battle between these startups, the expert panel was posing hard questions to the finalists in order to get the most complete picture of the startup and it’s solutions.

And the winner is… H3Zoom.ai

By winning the Southeast Asia PropTech challenge H3Zoom.ai has now qualified for the finals at EXPO REAL in Munich. They will exhibit their company as well as pitch on the mainstage of the Innovation Forum and will battle it out against the other finalists.

We would like to take a moment and thank all the applicants for taking their time to be a part of the first PropTech Contest in Southeast Asia, we hope to see you next year as well.