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Sep 24, 2018

Innovation Forum 2018 – Digital Living & Working

Meet more than 5,000 real estate professionals to experience Real Estate Innovation at EXPO REAL. The programme is packed with international top speakers, leading tech companies and investors. Make sure to also catch both pizza & beer networking events on Monday and Tuesday:

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Co-Working, Digital Nomads, and the Future Workplace

Is the traditional office dead? The workplace is being reshaped in order to keep up with millenial demands, but how is this affecting the real estate industry?  Are these new work formats more effective and is it a solution for every corporate? Is there enough co-working demand and what is the return on capital? What is the perspective of leading project developers and banks?

A programme packed with panels and international speakers
Join Dr. Andreas Muschter (Commerz Real), Dan Zakai (Mindspace), Dr. Hans Volkert Volckens (CA Immobilien), Dr. Stefan Rief, and moderator Susanne Eickermann-Riepe (PwC) as they discuss this new workplace phenomenon and best practices for the real estate industry. Satisfy your curiosity and have all your questions answered at 15:00 – 16:00 on Tuesday 9th October.

The way we work is changing. The way we live is changing. Where we live is changing. There is a growing popularity of co-living as people are increasingly shifting towards student-style living situations. How do experts define micro-living and what is the unique selling proposition compared to traditional residential living? What are the most interesting markets and the hard facts for an international expansion?

Amos Engelhardt (i Live Holding), Gunther Schmidt (Medici Living Group), Horst Lieder (International Campus Group), and Matthias Hollwich (Hollwich Kushner Architecture DPC) will discuss this new market. Catch them on Wednesday 9th October at 10:00 – 11:00 at the Real Estate Innovation Forum, Hall A1, booth A1.040.

The relationship between people and building is changing and more interaction between the two is required in order to create a new experience. Matthias Hollwich believes the key to successful architecture lies in finding new and exciting ways to create relationships between people and buildings. He has recently been honored in Fast Company’s ranking of the world’s top 10 most innovative architects and is on Business Insider’s list of the top business visionaries. Matthias Hollwich is currently designing WeLive 2.0 in New York City. Experience his keynote on how to design buildings for the next generation on Tuesday 9th of October from 09:30 – 10:00